Street Pastors

Street pastorsStreet Pastors go out on a Friday night, normally from 10pm-2am (or later!), with other Christians from Brixton, dressed in our ‘Street Pastor’ uniform.  We pray, then go out together and spend our time listening, caring and helping people that we meet.

Since we have been out, we have helped the homeless, those who have had too much drink, those who have needed medical attention and those who’ve just needed someone to talk to.  We have had to call the police and ambulance service whilst being out and are glad that God has used us to be His hands, feet and ears.

To be a street pastor you mainly need to be a good listener!  We are not there to preach but to listen, care and help.  Anyone can be a street pastor, regardless of their age.  Our eldest Street pastor is in her 70s and she has helped break up fights, and also helped drug dealers turn their lives around.


We need more team members to go out 12 Friday nights a year, just once a month.  Can you help? We also need people to be prayer pastors, praying back at base when we are out.  Can you help?

If you are interested in being a street pastor, please complete an enquiry form, or contact Cherie Thomas (07931 320 936) or or Ascension Trust, PO Box 3916, London SE19 1QE. Training begins in March and September, so book your place now.  Funding is available to help with uniform and training costs, so do ask if you need to.


Still need to think about it? Why not join us one Friday as an observer and check it out:
Contact Cherie Thomas (07931 320 936). Also, go to

Also, check one of our sister teams in Croydon below.