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Sacred Pathways Series Sermons

So what is a ‘sacred pathway’? Put very simply, it describes the way we relate to God; how we draw near to him. Do we have just one pathway? Not necessarily. Most of us, however, will naturally have a certain predisposition for relating to God, which is our predominant spiritual temperament.
We recently started a sermon series which will help us to understand all the sacred pathways, so we can dig deep in ones which will help us and appreciate different ones which others find most useful.

You can read the first chapter of the book sacred pathways by Gary Thomas here and you can download a study guide which can be used in groups, or individually.
There is also an online survey you can do which will help you discover you sacred pathway.

You can listen to Ben’s sermon summarising all 9 pathways (9th January 2017)


Some of the other sermons from this series are below:

Sensates: loving God with our senses – Andrew Moughtin-Mumby (15th January 2017)

Activists: loving God through confrontation – Jo Patterson (29th January 2017)

Enthusiats: loving God with Mystery & Celebration – Ben Goodyear (12th February 2017)

Contemplatives: loving God through adoration – Dan Jones (19th February 2017)

Intellectuals: loving God with your mind– Ben Goodyear (12th March 2017)